How the fear of feeling is a barrier to your success


The ability to create true wealth in your life that is to live a life where you are successful wealthy and happy doing what you love requires you to take action.  However, many people do not take action because they are afraid of failing and the unpleasant feelings that normally accompany failure. Not wanting to experience failure is the mantra of the ego and actually stops you taking action, therefore it causes you to "fail".  So if what is currently stopping you taking the action towards achieving the life you know you should be living is the fear of failing;  or the fear of putting your head above the parapet  and being seen; or even if it's the fear of being ridiculed, then lets experience it! It’s a fact! You are going to "fail"!  People will ignore you.  Everyone is not going … [Read more...]

10 Principles for living life well

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  Life is a journey the destination the soul. Living your life well help you stay on track - even if you stray a bit every now and then. Have you read the Ten Rules for Being Human by Cherie Carter-Scott ? They are  fabulous. Anyway it made me think what would be great advice for living your life well. So here are my 10 principles for living your life well. The picture above is a poster which you can right click and save to your computer if you would like to print the principles out .  Enjoy! A mirror will only ever show you the images already in your mind.  To discover what the real you "looks" like look inside yourself. All life's lessons first appear as tiny raindrops on windowpanes.  They become howling hurricane if you ignore them. There is only one destination; the … [Read more...]

How to make every day of your life amazing

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If you are not living the life you desire, if you know that you need to make a change soon before the decision is taken out of your control; for example if you are constantly living under the threat of redundancy. If you feel that you are not making the impact that you know you can then learning to run your life like a top CEO is the answer. It takes confidence to be a CEO and accept full responsibility for the success or otherwise of your company; to lead and inspire; to make both difficult and easy decisions and to make them even when you don't have all the right information available to you. It also takes confidence to know when to take risks and when to cut out parts of the organisation that are no longer working for it. Running your life is no different; to be the CEO of You plc … [Read more...]

Not all red berries are poisonous !

Now it can’t have escaped your notice that Tuesday was Valentine’s Day.  How was it for you? Were you remembered in someone else’s heart? Over the past few years my mother has taken to either sending me valentine’s cards or ringing me up and wishing me Happy Valentine’s day. At first I thought it was sort of odd but then I guess she is seeing it in a bigger context. Instead of just being a day for lovers she is seeing it a day to celebrate relationships, which is I guess is nice as it’s more inclusive – you don’t have to feel left out just because you don’t have a romantic love interest in your life. Relationships are of course very important to us as human beings. Basically relationships fulfil our two primary needs to be loved and give love. However we all know that not all our … [Read more...]

If money was your life partner what would your relationship be like?


February is the month of love and relationships, but who is your primary relationship with?  It may come as a shock but for many people it's with money – and unfortunately it's not a healthy relationship either!  How we feel about money is a powerful driving force for our behaviour because in our community there are few if any things that we have access to without money e.g. the roof over our heads, food or being able to provide for our loved ones.  Money underlies everything we do – in the West it is hard to imagine a life without it.  The more senior amongst us may recall the television programme "The Good Life" a comedy series in the mid to late 70s about a middle-class couple who decided to try and live a life of self-sufficiency in suburbia.  Whilst the program was a highly amusing … [Read more...]